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    KD108 Low profile rubber floor mat

    Commercial Product Construction & Features:

    Used in thousands of healthcare facilities and homes everyday, our premium low profile mat is specially designed to prevent slips and falls, including in wet prone areas. The commercial grade, low profile and rubber backed surface also allows ease of movement for shuffling feet and walking aids. It's antibacterial, mould and odour resistant.

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Product parameters:

About this item

  • Anti-Slip: A very safe yet practical door mat. Our mats have a remarkably high quantity rubber back that helps to keep the mat firmly in its place, preventing and unfortunate slips.

  • Indoor/Outdoor: Extremely high quantity and heavy duty mat which can be widely used as floor mats or indoor/outdoor mats. These door mats can be used in home or commercial properties.

  • Weatherproof: Our mats are manufactured to make sure that it serves the purpose by bearing any weather conditions when used outdoors and the same being indoors by not letting dirt go through.

  • Washable: With the convenience of being washable, you can easily get this cleaned for it to be ready to use again as brand new.

  • Colors & Sizes: Our mats are available in various sizes and colors for you to choose from. This will ensure that you select the most appropriate mat for your needs.


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