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Four types of dairy cow bed

08 Nov ● by

1.Pure rubber mattress

 The biggest feature of the pure rubber mattress are its durability, low replacement and maintenance costs, and the longest service life. But not all rubber mats are suitable for using on cow beds. For the rubber mat used for cow beds, the surface pattern should be smooth, and there should be no obvious bulges and corners. Too sharp patterns will cause great pressure on the knees of the cows. Secondly, the hardness of the rubber mat should not be too large, and the product structure should also be carefully designed. Design, soft and elastic rubber mattress is suitable for cow bed. The best rubber pad should have a catheter, or the bed should be designed with a slope of 2-4% to ensure that the feces and urine will not flow back.


The price of pure rubber mattresses is also relatively high. The imported rubber mattresses cost about 2,000 per cow. Although the price of domestic cow mattresses can be lower, there are very few factories that can really make this product. Qingdao Kingstone is one of the high-tech enterprises in China that can make rubber cow beds. At present, this product is mainly customized for export. Domestic customers who have needs are welcome to inquiry.

2.Polyurethane foam mattress

 The foam mattress is light and easy to lay and replace; its foam structure increases the cushioning of the bed, making it a more comfortable bed. However, foam mattresses are easy to be damaged, and will collapse and deform soon after a period of use; feces and urine retention are also common in cows lying on the bed; Foam mattresses require more padding than rubber pads to increase air circulation between the cow's body and the mattress. Another disadvantage of foam mattresses is that the deformation is too serious. Every once in a while, the inflated part of the mattress needs to be trimmed, causing a lot of labor costs to the farm.

3.rubber + polyurethane sponge bedding

 This type of mattress, as the name suggests, uses a thin layer of high-strength rubber on the surface, and uses foam foam with excellent cushioning on the bottom layer. be extended.

Since the rubber on the surface layer is thinner, the quality of the rubber is higher. Generally, we recommend using a 4-8 mm rubber surface, with a layer of high-density nylon mesh in the middle of the rubber to enhance its strength and reduce its deformation during stepping. The strength of the rubber cannot be lower than 6 MPa, and the export quality can even reach 10 MPa. It is worth noting that the thinner the rubber surface layer, the higher the comfort of the entire bed; at the same time, the thinner the rubber thickness, the higher the requirements for its strength and the higher the price, so we need to balance when purchasing Bed comfort, service life and price can make the most reasonable purchase plan.

The purchase of the bottom sponge is also very important. The material of the sponge is mainly polyurethane recycled sponge. For the selection method, please refer to the sofa. Sponges with high density are not easy to collapse, and are more suitable for cows with large weight. Generally, we recommend foaming density above 180g/m³, and those with sufficient budget can choose 240g/m³. The thickness of the sponge pad should be at least 30mm, and the pursuit of comfort can be increased to 40mm.


A sealing film must be added on the outside of the sponge pad to prolong the service life of the sponge. Without the protection of the plastic film, the sponge is easy to breed mold after the urine seeps in, thereby accelerating the damage of the sponge pad. The plastic film must be thick, the thickness of more than 10s is the safest, and must not be damaged. In some companies, the packaging is not in place, and the outer membrane of the sponge is destroyed during logistics and transportation, and it cannot play the role of isolating feces, urine and oxygen.

4.water mattress

 The water mattress is an expensive and complicated laying process, but the cow mattress is extremely comfortable and durable. Since the starting price is expensive, and there is no domestic factory to supply it, it mainly relies on imports, so it is rarely laid in China.


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