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The first-quarter Company Business analysis meeting

11 Apr ● by

Work summary

First of all, Mr Liu Jianlong, the general manager  explained the purpose and significance of holding the company's internal quarterly business analysis meeting. Then the business department, office, finance department, technology department, quality inspection department, property management department, and production department will report the progress of the department's work and indicators in the first quarter in accordance with the requirements of the meeting procedures, and explain the existing problems. . Mr. Liu commented on the work reports of each department one by one, and put forward specific requirements on important points.

Innovation awards

In the second session, Mr. Liu commended and rewarded the work innovation projects selected in the first quarter.In the first quarter, a total of 5 employees received the innovation bonus, and all employees were encouraged.

Transfer positive energy

 At the end of the meeting, Mr. Liu analyzed the current comprehensive situation and pointed out that there will be opportunities under the crisis;We should always adhere to the company philosophy, adhere to the code of conduct, firm determination.

The meeting to achieve the company's internal information exchange and sharing, timely discovery of problems and measures to implement the goal, to boost the company's high-quality development laid a solid foundation.

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