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Good Standardizing Practice Certificate

19 Nov ● by

In October 2018, the company successfully passed the acceptance of the expert group of the Standardization Association and obtained the 3A certificate of the national “standardized good behavior enterprise”, which indicates that Kaidong Industry has entered the development track of standardization, proceduralization, standardization and scientificization.

The evaluation of standardized and good behavior enterprises is the integration of ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system by the AQSIQ, so as to establish an integrated system based on the standardization system and based on the quality management system. The international standards have been systematically sorted out to further improve the management level and comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.

The acquisition of the standardization of good industry enterprise certificates shows that the company's various standard systems have a reasonable structure, effectively play a systematic role in production management, meet the needs of enterprises, and the standardization awareness of all employees has been greatly improved, which can effectively promote The operation of enterprise standardization work.

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