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    KE101 Anti-static Rubber Sheet

    Rubber Floor Product Construction & Features:

    •Used for industrial and mining enterprises ,transport sector and housing ground.
    •Mainly made with conducting electrostatic materials, static dissipative material and 
    Synthetic rubber, etc.
    •Two layer structure, surface layer is static dissipative layer, and the underlying is for conductive layer.
    •Antistatic Mat's service time is long, and has the very good acid proof, alkali proof.
    •Prevent chemical flux characteristics, and wear resistant, It's also easy to clean. 

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Product parameters:

Item: KE101

Size: 1.2m*10m ,1m*10m

Thickness: 2mm-5mm 

Colour: Green and Black Composite or Blue and Black Composite

Antistatic index: surface 10^7-10^9 and bottom 10^3-10^5


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