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How to pack rubber floor mats?

13 Dec ● by

Rubber mats are useful in commercial ,industrial and residential and agricultural areas.When you import rubber mats ,packaging is a key factor during shipping and it is also important for selling.

There are mainly three methods to pack the rubber floor mats,including pallet,carton and iron cage.


First, pallet packaging.

Packing the mats on pallet is an economical and common method for shipping.It is suitable for nearly all customers, whether for retailers and for wholesalers.And a lable or hang tag is available for each mat.The pallets can be stacked up and down.

Second,carton packaging.

This packing style is good for retailers,especially for online retailers when only one piece in each carton.And in this condition ,most mats are rolled up into a carton for easy carrying.

Third,iron cage.

Iron cage packaging is designed originally for DIY home improvement retailers to ship and display the mats.This solid construction will protect the mats and easy for customers to see the mats and make a purchase decision.Iron cages can be stacked up and down.

Do you have other packaging to share with us? Welcome to talk about it with us.

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